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Join us on a trip to the outer-reaches of the galaxy with Claire Denis’ spellbinding space odyssey.


David Jenkins



Essy May

Having edited this august publication for 30 issues, I’ve now lived long enough to realise a long-held dream: create a magazine dedicated to one of the true modern alchemists of cinema, Claire Denis. Her 2000 film Beau Travail acted as a kind of gateway drug, revealing the power, the possibilities and the expressive enchantments of narrative film.

In 2019, she unleashes onto the world a stirring and strange space odyssey called High Life. It’s a journey to the outer edges of the universe, set at a time when humanity is now little more than a walking, talking science experiment. Robert Pattinson, again showing exemplary taste in his choice of collaborators, leads a cast of reprobates who have been saved from a death sentence by giving their bodies over to a mysterious mission being overseen by lascivious sex banshee, Juliette Binoche.

It’s a moving, mind-melting masterwork, which is released into UK cinemas on 10 May. So mark your diaries.

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On the cover…

London-based illustrator Essy May captures and reframes the film as a throwback to the giants of cerebral science fiction, such as Stanley Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey and Andrei Tarkovsky’s Solaris. Her digitally coloured graphite drawings are steeped in nostalgia and dreaminess, harking back to the classic sci-fi aesthetics of the 1970s and ’80s.

Influenced by the wonder of the cosmos (her uncle is a renowned astronomer) and the visual energy of classic small creature B-movies. Essy hand drew this cover with a fine technical pencil and used digital colours to complete the look.

Artists featured in this issue include…

Lauréne Boglio, Jamie Eke, Simon Hayes, Tavo Montañez, Sophie Mo, Jason Ngai, Bernharda Xilko

Inside the issue…

Claire de Lune
David Jenkins writes on the life-altering qualities found in the films of this vital, singular director, and meets her to chat about her cosmic freakout, High Life.

Altered States
Hannah Woodhead talks to Robert Pattinson about his chameleonic acting career, and he explains why he worships at the altar of Claire Denis.

American Dreams
Elena Lazic surveys the career of Juliette Binoche, focusing exclusively on her work in English-language films.

2069: A Space Erotica Odyssey
Charles Bramesco voyages to the outer-reaches of the galaxy in search of a cinematic good time. discussion of her cosmic freak-out, High Life.

The Claire Denis Solar System
The films of the French maestro presented as their own majestic celestial map.

The Sensual World
Five personal essays explore the cinematic landscape of Claire Denis, each inspired by one of the five senses.

Christina Newland’s column on fashion and film explores the iconic mystique of the space helmet.

In the back section…

Hannah Woodhead talks immersive performance and cats with Josephine Decker, director of the wonderful Madeline’s Madeline; Manuela Lazic picks apart the poetic modern slavery parable, Happy as Lazzaro, with its director, Alice Rohrwacher; David Jenkins talks LA, RPG computer games and filming toilets with David Robert Mitchell, director of Under the Silver Lake; and Hannah Woodhead talks to Bo Burnham and Elsie Fisher, director and star of middle school-set comedy of teen manners, Eighth Grade.

Plus, reviews of the key new releases for March, April and May; a deep dive into the work and career of Hong Kong action maestro, Sammo Hung, by Nick Pinkerton; Jaime Christley and David Jenkins offer some home entertainment picks; Hannah Woodhead reports back on her revelatory trip to the Sundance Film Festival; Matt Turner explores the intersection between memes and movies at the Rotterdam Film Festival; and Ian Mantgani pans for gold at the Berlin Film Festival.

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Published 7 Mar 2019

Tags: Claire Denis Robert Pattinson

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