Is this the greatest film-themed video essay ever made?

David Jenkins


We know what you’re saying… Another day, another video essay drops down from the giant content chute in the sky. But this one is different. This one is about Tim Burton’s (sic) 1995 film Powder, concerning the daily struggles of a bald, white idiot savant who suffers the indignities and humiliations of life in Small Town ‘Merica. It has been created by Kentucker Audley for The Talkhouse, the internet’s home for artists to discuss other people’s art. It’s probably not worth saying any more about this exhilarating and thoughtful deconstruction of one of the ’90s most valued and discussed works of film art, so best you just watch it and enjoy.

This video essay was originally created for The Talkhouse

Published 19 Aug 2016

Tags: Video Essay

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