26 of the most bizarre popcorn flavours – ranked

Right under our noses, the gourmet popcorn industry has gone totally loco.


Rebecca Speare-Cole, Caroline Middleton


Laurène Boglio

It’s the staple snack of cinemas across the globe – popcorn. It’s indispensable in the realm of film culture and movie-going. But now we are no longer restricted to giant buckets of the classic sweet or salty combo. Our collective adventurousness is finally being sated. A new breed of popcorn mixologists have risen through the cracks with a whole new world of crazy flavours, turning the king of all movie snacks into an art form itself. Feeling a little like Harry on his first train-journey to Hogwarts, we’ve been uncovering the popcorn equivalent to Bertie Bott’s Every Flavoured Beans. For your delectation, we’ve narrowed down the field and ranking what we feel to be the 26 most weird and wonderful flavours…

26. Marmite popcorn

Brand: Joe & Seph’s
RRP: £4.00/ 75kg
Buy it here.
LWLies says: Relatively normal(ish) but, as the saying goes, you’re either gonna love or hate this popcorn which has been slathered in extract of Marmite.

25. Pumpkin Spice popcorn

Brand: Popcornopolis
RRP: $50.49 for 6 cones (225g each)
Buy it here.
LWLies says: Popcornopolis have jumped on the pumpkin spice bandwagon to create this yuletide-themed combo – a must have for adventurous millennials the world over.

24. Ketchup popcorn

Brand: Brooklyn Popcorn
RRP: $22.95 for a gallon
Buy it here.
LWLies says: All that tomatoey goodness… perhaps you can channel your inner kid with this ketchup flavoured corn and pour them all over your chips.

23. S’mores popcorn

Brand: KuKuRuZA Gourmet Popcorn
RPR: $29.00 per gallon
Buy it here.
LWLies says: Mixed with real marshmallows and graham crackers, this s’mores flavoured popcorn captures the campfire classic for those not wanting to leave the sanctuary of their frou-frou urban duplex.

22. White Chocolate and Strawberry popcorn:

Brand: Jo & Seph’s
RRP: £4.00 per 70g
Buy it here.
LWLies says: Want to impress your Tinder date at the cinema? Sweet and salty is so boring, so turn up the romance with white chocolate and strawberry flavour. But maybe hold off buying a gallon bucket…

21. Scotch Hot Toddy popcorn

Brand: Butter & Scotch, Brooklyn
RRP: $9.25 per 4oz bag
Buy it here.
LWLies says: For those cold Scottish winters, mix up some bourbon and honey to keep you warm. Here’s to Butter & Scotch popcorn’s take on the classic hot toddy, only we’d advise against eating this if you’re developing the sniffles.

20. Lemon Sherbet popcorn

Brand: Portlebay Popcorn
RRP: £9.30 for 8x25g packets
Buy it here.
LWLies says: Portlebay Popcorn have come up with an innovative new take on these quintessential British sweets for some fizzy popcorn fun.

19.Truffle Fromage Porcini popcorn

Brand: KuKuRuAa Gourmet Popcorn
RRP: $29.00 per Gallon
Buy it here.
LWLies says: On the hunt for the most expensive, luxurious popcorn experience out there? Well, look no further… Truffle Popcorn has hit the shelves. Even Scarlett Johansson has been handing it out in her newly opened Paris popcorn shop.

18. French Toast popcorn

Brand: Doc Popcorn
RRP: $22 per Gallon
Buy it here.
LWLies says: Ooh la la! Continuing with flavours that have been inspired by the culinary capital of the world, Doc Popcorn has developed a french toast flavour for those looking for something cinnamony and sweet.

17. Caffeine-infused popcorn

Brand: Biofuel Foods
RRP: $3.99 per 3.5oz
Buy it here.
LWLies says: If you’re bored of the same old flat white pick-me-up on the way to work, then look no further than Biofuel Foods who have produced the most powerful popcorn of them all. This caffeine-infused mix, (which incidentally isn’t coffee flavoured but merely “sweet”) will keep you buzzing for the rest of the day. Popcorn for breakfast – let’s start that craze.

16. Mince Pie popcorn

Brand: Joe & Steph’s
RRP: £4.00 per 80g
Buy it here.
LWLies says: Is it Christmas yet!? Here’s an alternative treat to leave out for Santa this year (but don’t forget the brandy! *hic*).

15. Taco Loco popcorn

Brand: Popcorn Passion
RRP: only ½ gallon on ‘special order’ gift box available
Buy it here.
LWLies says: Hot damn. It’s spicy taco popcorn with all the bold, eye-popping flavour of the ubiquitous Mexican staple. Popcorn Passion is home to some seriously sizzling flavours. – try their Margarita on the Rocks, Teriyaki or Pizza Pie flavours.

14. Blood Orange and Persimmon popcorn

Brand: KuKuRuZA Gourmet Popcorn
RRP: $29.00 per Gallon
Buy it here.
LWLies says: For the serious food buffs out there, here’s an under-the-radar duo that, when harnessed within the food medium popcorn, just might rock your world.

13. Pub-corn

Brand: Pub-corn
RRP: £1.99 per 8oz
Buy it here.
LWLies says: A round of this beer flavoured speciality is perfect for kicking back and watching the game. Should go perfectly with a pint of grog at the local pub. Popcorn + beer – welcome the new quintessential bar snack of the 00s.

12. Soy Sauce and Butter popcorn

DIY recipe: here.
LWLies says: A favourite at Tokyo’s Disneyland, this Japanese take on the moviegoer staple is sure to become a championed flavour (even if it also a bit of a weird combination).

11. Burgundy Wine and Cheddar Cheese popcorn

Everyone loves a bit of wine and cheese at dinner parties – what about a lovely French Burgundy mixed with the best-of-British Cheddar cheese? Seattle-based KuKuRaZu has had the genius of splicing the two together for the more sophisticated popcorn nibbler. It seems this line has been discontinued, so consider this the holy grail for globe-trotting popcorn connoisseurs

10. Madras Curry Lime and Black Onion Seed popcorn

Brand: Jo & Seph’s
RRP: £4.00 per 80g
Buy it here.
LWLies says: Who doesn’t crave an aromatic curry from time to time? Enjoy a lighter version with Joe & Seph’s Madras-flavoured delicacy.

9. Eggnog popcorn

Brand: Kernel Encore
RRP: $19.50 per gallon
Buy it here.
LWLies says: Kernel Encore have come up with the perfect holiday popcorn flavour (just pipping Mince Pie flavour to the post). Bring on the Doctor Who Christmas special with this warming take on the classic Yuletide tipple, Eggnog. Each batch is actually handmade with a blend of vanilla, nutmeg and cinnamon. We feel this crazy flavour is one that has the legs to go full-time legit.

8. Buffalo Wing and Blue Cheese popcorn

Brand: KuKuZaRu Gourmet Popcorn
RRP: $29.00 per gallon
Buy it here.
LWLies says: For those wanting to recreate an quiet afternoon in Hooters, KuKuZaRu’s mixes Buffalo Wings with Blue Cheese, adding cayenne pepper and other spices to give this crazy popcorn a zesty kick.

7. Pear popcorn

Brand: Kernel Encore
$19.50 per gallon
Buy it here.
LWLies says: Remember when your mum would tell you to eat your fruit to quash those hunger pangs? Well now you can… with popcorn… kinda. Kernel Encore also offer a ton of of odd fruity options.

6. Cheeseburger popcorn

DIY recipe: here.
LWLies says: This recipe from Food Republic offers the perfect chance to whip up a quintessential American gastronomical experience. Check out this method of frying the kernels in beef and bacon fat to give it a meaty infusion. You can then add powdered forms of, ahem, “burger fixins”, and even top the popcorn off with your favourite condiments. Sounds… delightful.

5. Blue Coconut popcorn

Brand: Uptown Popcorn
RRP: prices vary from $4.95 for a ‘Junior size’
Buy it here.
LWLies says: Don’t be put of by the unnaturally toxic blue colour of this exotic treat. Uptown Popcorn offer a range of odd flavours including cotton candy, grape and red hot cinnamon – but none are as intriguing as blue coconut.

4. Loaded Baked Potato popcorn

Brand: Cassie’s Gourmet Popcorn
RRP: $5.00 for a 3 cup resealable bag!
Buy it here.
LWLies says: So what is this baked potato popcorn loaded with? The answer is a mega combination of bacon, chives, sweet onion, tangy sour cream and topped of delectable spices and herbs.

3. Crab Shack popcorn

Brand: Popcorn Passion
RRP: Only half gallon ‘special order’ gift boxes available
Buy it here.
LWLies says: There’s something fishy’s going on here… Why don’t you head down to the seaside and get the ultimate summer experience with Popcorn Passion’s Crab Shack Popcorn. Yep, that’s right, these creepy ocean crawlers now have their own popcorn flavour.

2. Gin and Tonic popcorn

Brand: Jo & Seph’s
RRP: £4.00 per 70g
Buy it here.
LWLies says: Cheers to this. For G&T lovers everywhere, here’s a fancy, alcohol-free new way to wind down with your favourite drink. Go on, get the kids hooked early!

1. Pregnancy Mix popcorn (ice cream and dill pickle flavour)

Brand: Popcorn Universe
RRP: 3 small cups for $3.25
Buy it here.
LWLies says: After surveying some fellow members of a pregnancy class, the couple who founded Popcorn Universe discovered that the combination of ice cream and dill pickle was a fairly common craving. With over 260 flavours, Popcorn Universe will create your bespoke mix if you have a bun in the oven. Now available at Poparazzi.

Published 19 Nov 2016

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