David Squires

David Squires on… COP26 and cinema’s answer to the climate crisis

By Little White Lies

Can catastrophe on Earth be avoided? Not if our world leaders have anything to say about it…

David Squires on… The future of the Halloween film franchise

By Adam Woodward

With Michael Myers’ killing spree showing no sign of letting up, what could the next instalment of the series look like?

David Squires on… Who could be the next James Bond

By Little White Lies

With Daniel Craig out of the picture, our resident cartoonist makes a few suggestions for who could inherit the iconic tux.

David Squires on… The Sopranos prequel we really want to see

By Little White Lies

Forget The Many Saint of Newark, there’s much more millage in a Muppet Babies crossover...

David Squires on… Remembering Michael K Williams

By Little White Lies

Our resident cartoonist pays tribute to the gifted star of The Wire and Boardwalk Empire, who passed away recently.

David Squires on… Bob Odenkirk in Nobody (UK edition)

By Adam Woodward

Our resident cartoonist puts a decidedly British spin on the recent everyman action-thriller.

David Squires on… Alien and the anti-vax crew

By Little White Lies

Ellen Ripley has more than a deadly, rampaging Xenomorph to contend with aboard the doomed Nostromo.

David Squires on… Space Jam 2 and other sport movie reboots

By Adam Woodward

With the release of the basketball-themed sequel, our resident cartoonist updates some other classic sport movies.

David Squires on… Planning your summer staycation

By Little White Lies

Planning a holiday in the UK this year? Just make sure you read the customer reviews first...

David Squires on… Cinemas reopening in the UK

By Little White Lies

As movie theatres begin to welcome back patrons, our resident cartoonist offers a sense of what to expect.

David Squires on… Paddington versus Citizen Kane

By Little White Lies

Now that Paddington 2 is officially the greatest film of all time, what other classics might benefit from his inclusion?

David Squires on…. What to expect at the 93rd Academy Awards

By Little White Lies

Our resident cartoonist preview’s this year’s star-studded (and Covid-safe) ceremony.

David Squires on… The many faces of Zack Snyder’s Justice League

By Little White Lies

Not fussed about the Snyder Cut? Don’t worry, we’ve got several other directors’ versions for you to sample.

David Squires on… The Crown Season 7

By Little White Lies

Our resident cartoonist outline the plot of the next season of the popular royal family TV drama.

David Squires on… The News of the World

By Little White Lies

Our resident cartoonist riffs on Paul Greengrass’ Netflix western about a travelling newsreader.

David Squires on… The life and times of Christopher Plummer

By Little White Lies

Our resident cartoonist pays tribute to the late, great Canadian actor.

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