Slow West video review

Clarisse Loughrey


Technology demands that we communicate with our readers via mediums which are not just large blocks of scrolling black text neatly placed on the page. But this is not the reason why we have chosen to present to you That Darn Movie Show! – a new weekly video review hosted by LWLies contributor, Clarisse Loughrey.

We’ve give this to you for solely because Clarisse is sharp, entertaining and very funny, and her acerbic take on “the current cinema” runs neatly in tandem with our regular reviews.

Clarisse has been producing these videos independently for some time now, and because we think they’re brilliant, we want you to see them too. We’ll be presenting a new video review each week, and the first one – on John Maclean’s frontier western, Slow West – is here for you now.

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Published 27 Jun 2015

Tags: Michael Fassbender

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