Truth and Movies


Is it possible to kill someone with a keyboard?

By Little White Lies

The second season of Mr Robot explores the realities of digital assassination.

Watch the classic surf movie get an intriguing new twist

By Little White Lies

This new video from our sister publication Huck magazine shows that you don’t need waves to surf.

The best movie shark scenes: from Jaws to Team America

By Little White Lies

Inspired by Huck’s latest short film, here are our all-time favourite moments where a shark chews more than the scenery.

Is there a truck that could take us anywhere on Earth?

By Little White Lies

This new video by and Motherboard suggests there just might be.

Space travel is being democratised… by movies

By Little White Lies

This video by and Motherboard asks whether space is within reach of the common man.

Is Bridge of Spies really about a new Cold War?

By Little White Lies

The brilliant new film by Steven Spielberg talks universally about the nature of war and diplomacy.

KAYAK x Motherboard Present: Rise of the Robots

By Little White Lies

How close are the movies to the realities of a mechanised future? KAYAK and Motherboard investigate.

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