Ex-Rent Hell

Ex-Rent Hell Presents… The Haunted Mansion

By Adam Lee Davies

ERH sweeps away the cobwebs from this early 2000s Eddie Murphy horror comedy, with the help of IMDb user reviews.

Ex-Rent Hell presents… Soul Man

By Adam Lee Davies

Remember this ’80s comedy that questioned whether the Civil Rights Movement was just a collective hallucination?

Ex-Rent Hell presents… Taffin

By Adam Lee Davies

Remember when Pierce Brosnan completely lost his shit in this shouty parochial shoot ’em up?

Ex-Rent Hell presents… Krull

By Adam Lee Davies

Remember this fantasy cult favourite in which good triumphs over evil with the help of a flying swastika?

Ex-Rent Hell presents… Jumpin’ Jack Flash

By Adam Lee Davies

Remember when Whoopi Goldberg experienced a rock’n’roll meltdown in this troubling action-comedy?

Ex-Rent Hell presents… Buddy’s Song

By Adam Lee Davies

Remember when Hollywood tried to make Chesney Hawkes a bona fide movie star?

Ex-Rent Hell presents… Freejack

By Adam Lee Davies

Remember when Mick Jagger and Emilio Estevez played time-hopping bounty hunters?

Ex-Rent Hell presents… The Adventures of Ford Fairlane

By Adam Lee Davies

Remember when Hollywood attempted to parlay the stage act of a blue comedian into a wannabe raunchy comedy?

Ex-Rent Hell presents… Biggles: Adventures in Time

By Adam Lee Davies

Remember this culture-clash caper that told us America won the First World War?

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