Russian Cinema

Fairytale – first-look review

By David Jenkins

Alexander Sokurov offers a collegial walking tour through limbo with Hitler, Mussolini, Stalin and Churchill. It’s completely mad.

State Funeral

By Ed Gibbs

This captivating time capsule of the Soviet Union circa 1953 is a staggering feat of archive documentary.

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By Josh Howey

A middle-aged zoo worker grows a tail in this bold and thought-provoking Russian drama.

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A Gentle Creature – first look review

By David Jenkins

Corruption and vice reign supreme in Sergei Loznitsa’s punishingly bleak descent into the bowels of Russia.

The Student

By Tom Williams

Kirill Serebrennikov’s scintillating drama offers of stark look at contemporary Russian schooling.


Why Solaris is the greatest science fiction film ever made

By William Carroll

Andrei Tarkovsky’s magnum opus offers a stark, spectacular reminder of what it means to be human.

The ecstatic spiritual sweep of Tarkovsky’s Andrei Rublev

By Orlando Edmonds

Fifty years ago the Russian director launched an epic exploration into the creation of art.

In praise of Stalker – Andrei Tarkovsky’s existential masterpiece

By David Jenkins

The Russian director’s 1979 film is being reissued as part of a new retrospective.

Ivan’s Childhood (1962)

By David Jenkins

The startling, bleakly poetic debut feature from one of the movie pantheon greats, Andrei Tarkovsky.

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