Chasing Chasing Amy – first-look review

By Soma Ghosh

Sav Rodgers weaves personal and pop culture history together as he unpacks the legacy of Kevin Smith's 1997 romantic comedy.

Janet Planet – first-look review

By Charles Bramesco

Annie Baker's debut feature about a mother and daughter is magical and assured drama that announces the Pulitzer Prize winner as a filmmaking talent as well as a literary one.

Green Border – first-look review

By Charles Bramesco

Veteran filmmaker Agnieszka Holland offers a stirring, stark depiction of the refugee situation in Europe, as Syrians fleeing war face harrowing interrogation at the Polish-Belarusian border.

Baltimore – first-look review

By David Jenkins

Imogen Poots shines in this angular, fragmented portrait of English rose-turned-firebrand activist Rose Dugdale from Irish filmmakers Joe Lawlor and Christine Molloy.

All Dirt Roads Taste of Salt – first-look review

By Charles Bramesco

Raven Jackson's feature debut announces a striking visual talent, following the story of a young woman's life in rural Mississippi.

Celluloid Underground – first-look review

By David Jenkins

This fascinating and melancholy documentary sees an Iranian exile in London looking back to the stranger-than-fiction roots of his formative cinephelia.

Un Amor – first-look review

By David Jenkins

This steamy and giddily uneven rural romance from Spanish filmmaker Isabel Coixet is almost saved by Laia Costa’s committed central performance.

Kalak – first-look review

By David Jenkins

This Greenland-set drama from Danish director Isabella Eklöf, about a husband and father dealing with the trauma of abuse, makes for oppressively grim and only occasionally revelatory viewing.

Inside the South African film festival challenging perceptions of Afrikaans cinema

By John Besche

Now in its eleventh year, Cape Town's Silwerskermfees aims to shine a light on the diversity and talent at the heart of the Afrikaans-speaking filmmaking community.

A Silence – first-look review

By David Jenkins

Reliable Belgian director Joachim Lafosse serves up more lurid scandal sheet fodder in this dismal tale of a wife and mother trying to sweep her husband’s vile transgressions under the rug.

Ex-Husbands – first-look review

By David Jenkins

Amiable American comedy of dented male egos in which Griffin Dunne’s recent divorcee accidentally crashes his son's bachelor party.

MMXX – first-look review

By David Jenkins

The latest from Romanian filmmaker Cristi Puiu comprises four salty slices of pandemic-era life which range from the outwardly comic to the overtly grizzly.

Boy Kills World – first-look review

By Charles Bramesco

A deaf-mute young man swears revenge on the group that murdered his family in Moritz Mohr's bloodthirsty but tedious directorial debut.

Dream Scenario – first-look review

By Mark Asch

Nicolas Cage plays an otherwise unremarkable college professor who unexpectedly finds himself appearing in peoples' dreams in Kristoffer Borgli's latest satire.

Poolman – first-look review

By Charles Bramesco

There’s a whole lot of Chinatown in Chris Pine’s directorial debut Poolman, an Angeleno neo-noir with a script that gives Robert Towne more than fair grounds to sue for damages.

Next Goal Wins – first-look review

By Mark Asch

Taika Waititi is way-too eager to please with this aggressively feel-good comic fictionalisation of the lovely 2014 documentary of the same name.

Menus-Plaisirs Les Troisgros – first-look review

By Rafa Sales Ross

In his latest documentary, the American master Frederick Wiseman observes the routines of the Troisgros family and their three fine dining restaurants in France.

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