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Girls with Guns: how Tuesday Weld set the blueprint for Mia Goth

By Ryan Coleman

As Mia Goth brings us unhinged excellence via Pearl and Infinity Pool, it's possible to find a parallel in the story of former wild child Tuesday Weld.

Why Virginie Efira should win the Best Actress Oscar

By Ryan Coleman

The Belgian actress has been quietly building a body of excellent work, defined by her empathetic portrayals of multifaceted women.

Susie Searches – first-look review

By Ryan Coleman

Sophie Kargman attempts to expand her 2020 short film into a feature-length picture, with mixed results.

Domingo and the Mist – first-look review

By Ryan Coleman

A Costa Rican man resists attempts to destroy his home in director Ariel Escalante Meza’s mystical drama.


By Ryan Coleman

Merawi Gerima’s stunning debut feature sees a young filmmaker return home to a rapidly gentrified Washington DC.

review LWLies Recommends

Meet the trans woman of colour chronicling life in America’s margins

By Ryan Coleman

Isabel Sandoval’s third feature, Lingua Franca, gives a voice to some of the world’s most vilified and vulnerable people.

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