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Tsai Ming-Liang and Lee Kang-Sheng on a joint career in filmmaking

By Alicia Haddick

The Taiwanese master filmmaker and his muse discuss their long-standing artistic partnership.

Tokyo International Film Festival celebrates the next generation of Japanese filmmaking talent

By Alicia Haddick

At the revamped Tokyo International Film Festival, the spotlight shone brightly on upcoming Japanese artistic voices.


By Alicia Haddick

Three college students eager to party end up in a fraught situation in director Carey Williams’ comedy-thriller.


Shin Ultraman is the culmination of a career indebted to a pop culture icon

By Alicia Haddick

As the cult Japanese hero receives a new live-action outing, we explore Ultraman’s influence on Hideaki Anno.

The Quiet Girl

By Alicia Haddick

A young girl’s difficult home life takes a turn for the better in Colm Bairéad’s impressive debut feature.

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The Quiet Girl – first-look review

By Alicia Haddick

A young girl discovers a life she never thought possible in the Irish countryside in Colm Bairéad’s affecting debut feature.

Bubble – first-look review

By Alicia Haddick

Despite boasting an interesting concept, anime giant Tetsuro Araki’s first original feature plays it a little too safe.

A Piece of Sky – first-look review

By Alicia Haddick

Michael Koch’s drama about an Alpine couple whose lives are changed by a devastating medical diagnosis proves a frustrating watch.

Shall I Compare You to a Summer’s Day – first-look review

By Alicia Haddick

Poetry and performance take centre stage in Mohammad Shawky Hassan's inventive challenge to society's heteronormativity.

How Nobuhiko Obayashi’s Anti-War Trilogy bridges generational trauma

By Alicia Haddick

The late Japanese director explores the twin national disasters of 3.11 and World War Two in an epic series of films.

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