Can you solve these cryptic Twin Peaks puzzles?

Eve Watling

Full of strange clues and opaque symbolism, the first two series of Twin Peaks delighted in provoking us with complexly layered mystery. It seems entirely fitting, then, that four new teasers for the show’s upcoming third season have done away with characters and plot – they are literally just visual puzzles.

Don’t worry though, these videos aren’t Log Lady-level confusing. In the first one, letters appear over a black screen in the shape of the iconic Twin Peaks mountains. Over composer Angelo Badalamenti’s ominous theme music, they fade back out – did you get the message?

If not, the answers are handily provided in the description box beneath each video. If only Agent Cooper had it so easy. The first video’s message reads “Where we’re from, the birds sing a pretty song and there’s always music in the air.” The following videos tease: “My log has something to tell you,” and “What is happening with Agent Cooper?”

These teasers arrive as the show’s long-awaited return draws ever nearer. On Sunday 21 May the first new Twin Peaks episodes since 1991 will air. The third season picks up 25 years on from where series two left us dangling, and sees the return of familiar faces including Agent Cooper, Shelly, Norma, Bobby, James, and Sarah Palmer.

New characters will be played by Jennifer Jason Leigh, Monica Bellucci, Michael Cera and Amanda Seyfried, as well as Lynch alumni Laura Dern, Naomi Watts and Balthazar Getty. See if you can crack these cryptic teasers below and then find out everything else you need to know about the new series in our special preview.

Published 12 Apr 2017

Tags: Angelo Badalamenti David Lynch Mark Frost Twin Peaks

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