Nicolas Winding Refn wants to share his movie collection with you

We’ve teamed up with the director of Drive and The Neon Demon to bring weird cinema to the masses.


David Jenkins


It’s the question that’s been on our lips since the advent of cinema: if the world of movies had its own version Santa Claus, who would that be, and what would he looks like? Well, it appears that he might take the form of a svelte, slick-suited and bespectacled Dane whose latest project involves sharing his unique film collection with the world. The new streaming platform is a “cultural expressway” in which director Nicholas Winding Refn delves into his big black sack of Yuletide treats and festoons the world of cinephila with a clutch of arcane gifts.

So here’s the deal: you head over to the website, sign-up, and then you can start watching some of Refn’s hand-selected movies which have been newly restored and personally retrieved from the outer fringes of cinema. And then, once you’re done watching, you can lavish in a vast array of contextual material and spin-off stories, some of which have been curated and created by your ol’ friends at Little White Lies.

The channel is now live with its first chapter, which boasts a number of excellent editorial assists from lone-gun novelist and iconoclast Jimmy McDonagh, and then the LWLies chapter will launch on 1 September. Three films will be rolled out across three months, beginning with the freaky gothic mermaid tale, Night Tide, by Curtis Harrington. If you sign up now, however, you must indulge in the claustrophobic Southern swamp horror, Nest of the Cuckoo Birds, which boasts an extraordinary ear-worm theme song.

More curators will be announced over the coming months, but for now, it’s time to dive in and see what St Nick has brought for you.

Visit and sign up now.

Published 1 Aug 2018

Tags: Nicolas Winding Refn

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