Fancy an overnight stay at the original Friday the 13th camp?

The real-life filming location is being opened to the public for a one-off “wilderness experience”.


Joel Down

The key to any successful camping trip is preparation. Forget the pack the right shoes or a spare loo roll and you’ve already blown it. We’d advise you to consider such practicalities if you’re planning to head to Crystal Lake this April.

Sean S Cunningham’s cult 1980 slasher Friday the 13th was filmed on this very site, and now the owners have opened their park to the public for a one-off “wilderness experience”. You can expect to get closer to nature, but do yourself a favour: don’t go swimming.

After being chosen at random via a lottery scheme, the lucky participants will be given the opportunity to spend up to 20 hours inside the grounds and even meet the film’s heroine, Adrienne King. Breakfast and dinner are also included.

King’s character Alice made ample use of the setting in the original film, eventually picking up an oar to fend off the rampaging killer. This set up Part 2 of the franchise, in which Alice becomes the target of another attack upon discovering an unpleasant gift in her fridge.

Camp No-Be-Bo-Sco in northwestern New Jersey is normally closed to visitors in order to prevent the area from being overrun by fans of the film. To take advantage of this rare invitation, enter here before 27 February.

Published 21 Feb 2018

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