Listen to the Fear Itself soundtrack

Jeremy Warmsley’s atmospheric original score is now available for digital download.

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Fresh off the back of last year’s Beyond Clueless, director and occasional LWLies contributor Charlie Lyne is back with another fascinating cine odyssey.

A feature-length collage comprised of clips from iconic and obscure horror movies, Fear Itself, is a voyage into the furthest recesses of the human psyche through the prism of cinema. The film also boasts a cracking score by Summer Camp’s Jeremy Warmsley, which you can listen to exclusively below.

Here’s what Lyne had to say when we asked him about the soundtrack:

“When you think about horror soundtracks, it’s easy to remember only the showboaters – those pieces of music that impose themselves so wholly on a scene that the images they’re paired with become almost secondary. I guess ‘The Murder’ from Bernard Hermann’s Psycho score is the most famous example. But just as interesting, I think, are those horror soundscapes that operate on a more subliminal level, constantly probing the viewer with delicate sounds that are impossible to dislocate from the images they accompany. Jeremy’s score weaves that tapestry elegantly – and over a constantly changing collage of images – though of course, it doesn’t deny itself the occasional spot of showboating either.”

Fear Itself is available to watch on BBC iPlayer. Check out more of Jeremy’s work at

Published 11 Nov 2015

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