Watch the slick first trailer for Deepwater Horizon


Joel Philpott

Inspired by the 2010 Macondo well disaster below the Deepwater Horizon, director Peter Berg (Lone Survivor, Battleship) looks to have turned the largest oil spill in US history – killing 11 and devastating the surrounding ocean – into a thrilling old-school disaster thriller.

Mark Wahlberg is joined by John Malkovich, Kurt Russell and Dylan O’Brian, the trailer showing the crew’s struggle after a malfunction fires an explosive sludge of oil, gas and mud into their off-shore oil rig. Their escape is plagued with flaming obstacles as we see the platform quickly become engulfed by a ferocious blaze.

Addressing the ecological fallout of the catastrophe six years after the BP spill, the film joins Erin Brockovich in highlighting the human side of the destructive, natural resource-draining oil industry. Watch the trailer above and let us know what you think @LWLies

Deepwater Horizon hits cinemas September 2016.

Published 24 Mar 2016

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