These haunting photographs show where cultural icons died in car crashes

Dean Rogers’ ‘Death Drive’ reveals the spots movie stars and other figures were killed.

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Dean Rogers

Photographer Dean Rogers has travelled across Europe and America to the scenes of iconic and fatal car accidents. Shooting in the exact spot at the exact moment of impact, he captured the last images witnessed by the likes of James Dean, Jayne Mansfield and Grace Kelly. The results are haunting, macabre and eerily beautiful.

Grace Kelly, 14 September 1982 / Route de la Turbia, Monaco
James Dean, 30 September 1955 / Route 466, San Luis Obispo County, CA
Jayne Mansfield, 29 June 1967 / US Highway 90, Biloxi, MI
Albert Camus, 4 January 1960 / Le Grand Fossard, Villeblevin, France
Jackson Pollock, 11 August 1956 / Spring-Fireplace Road, East Hampton, NY

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Published 30 Jun 2016

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