Reimagining the last 20 years of Best Picture winners

A new poster exhibition in London celebrates two decades of Academy Award-winning movies.

Little White Lies

To coincide with this year’s Oscars, we’ve teamed up with The Daydream Club (aka former LWLies Artistic Director Timba Smits) to present a special artist-curated poster exhibition.

Best Picture’ features a carefully selected cast of 20 international graphic artists, illustrators and design studios, each reinterpreting a different Academy Award-winning film from the past 20 years in their own distinct style.

List of films by artist:

2019 – Green Book by Telegramme
2018 – The Shape of Water by Ross Murray
2017 – Moonlight by Malika Favre
2016 – Spotlight by Hoodzpah
2015 – Birdman by Simon Hayes
2014 – 12 Years A Slave by Chris DeLorenzo
2013 – Argo by We Buy Your Kids (WBYK)
2012 – The Artist by Thomas Danthony
2011 – The Kings Speech by Hollie Fuller
2010 – The Hurt Locker by Timba Smits
2009 – Slumdog Millionaire by MUTI
2008 – No Country for Old Men by Hedof
2007 – The Departed Oliver Stafford
2006 – Crash by Nicole Rifkin
2005 – Million Dollar Baby by Eryn Lougheed
2004 – The Lord of The Rings: Return of the King by Tess Smith-Roberts
2003 – Chicago by Lauréne Boglio
2002 – A Beautiful Mind by Carla McRae
2001 – Gladiator by Calvin Sprague
2000 – American Beauty by Kirsten Rothbart

The exhibition is now open and runs until 6 March at our 71a Gallery in East London. All artworks are available to purchase as from our online shop. Here’s a selection to whet your appetite…

Published 7 Feb 2020

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