VICE and Panasonic Lumix’s new film school champions the art of factual cinema

The virtual film school supports the next generation of documentarians.

Little White Lies

In this seemingly neverending age of ‘fake news’ and data manipulation, the power of factual filmmaking has never been more apparent – or for that matter, important. Documentaries have the power to educate, inform, and empower, but producing them can be a difficult (and costly) business. Luckily for all the aspiring Werner Herzogs and Barbara Kopples out there, VICE UK have partnered with Panasonic Lumix to launch a new initiative aimed at helping new filmmaking voices find their feet in the industry.

VICE Film School is a stand-alone digital platform and resource hub, providing advice, behind-the-scenes insight, and how-to tips for every stage of the filmmaking process, geared towards guiding fledging filmmakers. Whether it’s shooting in the middle of a chaotic street riot or delivering a composed piece-to-camera while isolated on a snowy mountainside, unique first-hand insight and original content will provide all the information you need to get out there and get shooting.

In addition, Panasonic Lumix’s ‘Kit Room’ will teach the technical side of documentary shooting using a Lumix GH5 camera and a portfolio of lenses – perfect for those who don’t come from a traditional filmmaking background.

To celebrate the launch, VICE and Panasonic Lumix are inviting the UK public to apply for their Film School talent programme, ‘WonderVisions Workshop’. A panel of judges will award one budding filmmaking the opportunity to create their first film, with the support and mentorship of established filmmakers, producers and editors, and a production budget of up to £15,000. Four other commended entrances will also receive a full Lumix G camera package and an invitation to a one-day workshop at VICE covering how to use the equipment and how to turn their filmmaking ideas into a reality.

Find out more about VICE Film School, and how you can submit your application for their Film School talent programme.

Published 27 Apr 2018

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