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Is Kes still Ken Loach’s best film?

By David Jenkins

A sparkling new Blu-ray edition helps remind of this melancholy British classic from 1969.

Discover the next door terror of this socially-conscious horror

By Anton Bitel

Law abiding becomes a matter of life and death in Marcus Dunstan’s The Neighbour.

Spanish master Luis García Berlanga finally gets his dues

By Adam Cook

The director’s 1963 film The Executioner is getting a home video release courtesy of the Criterion Collection.

Discover the hallucinatory horrors of one man’s mental collapse

By Anton Bitel

Joseph Sims-Dennett’s taut psychological thriller Observance is out now on DVD.

Discover the freewheelin’ madness of this exploitation-era biker movie

By Anton Bitel

Don Sharp’s Psychomania is now available on DVD and Blu-ray.

Discover the multi-levelled madness of this Saw-esque house horror

By Anton Bitel

Darren Lynn Bousman’s gory latest, Abattoir, is now available to buy and stream.

Watch the epic trailer for Masaki Kobayashi’s The Human Condition trilogy

By David Jenkins

The director’s bold and bleak cinematic vision chronicles life in World War Two-era Japan.

Which VHS covers terrified you most as a kid?

By Wil Jones

They may seem tame today, but during the home video boom even the trashiest cover artwork could prove intensely effective.

Discover the T&A titillation of this homecooked horror

By Anton Bitel

Cannibalism and nudity abound in Microwave Massacre, now available on Blu-ray and DVD.

Discover the criss-crossing chills of this horror anthology

By Anton Bitel

The blood-soaked, multi-authored Southbound is now available on DVD and Blu-ray.

Discover the grotesque silliness of this Super 8 splatterfest

By Anton Bitel

JR Bookwalter’s Evil Dead-inspired feature debut The Dead Next Door is now available on DVD.

A new Dr Strangelove Blu-ray arrives with amazing packaging

By David Jenkins

This deluxe edition of Stanley Kubrick’s satirical classic comes with a top secret envelope of printed extras.

Discover the films of two Italian masters with a new Blu-ray box

By Little White Lies

Three archive gems by the Taviani brothers are unearthed to receive the deluxe digital treatment.

Discover the progressive identity politics of this early ’90s thriller

By Anton Bitel

Suture, Scott McGehee and David Siegel’s black-and-white shocker, is out on DVD.

Discover the progressive attitude of this taboo-busting psychodrama

By Anton Bitel

Robert Altman’s second feature, That Cold Day in the Park, is now available on Blu-ray and DVD.

Discover the relentless torment of this home invasion thriller

By Anton Bitel

Adam Schindler’s directorial debut Intruders offers a suspenseful blend of tragedy and trauma.

Discover the hidden history of this subversive ’70s coming-of-ager

By Anton Bitel

Alan Clarke’s made-for-TV Penda’s Fen is getting a long-overdue home ents release.

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